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Fixins First
10.95 Texas Bacon Burger Sliders

House brisket burgers, topped with Texas bacon, American cheese and secret sauce.

10 wings 13.95 | 20 wings 25.95 Amazing Slow Smoked Wings

Hardwood smoked, fried to a crispy finish, tossed in your choice of sauces with a blue cheese or ranch dressing.

Half 9.95 Full 12.95 Bubba’s Boneless Wings

Tender white meat chicken soaked in buttermilk, lightly breaded, flash fried to a crispy finish and served with your choice of sauces for dippin.

7.95 Bayou Pickle Chips

A basket of thin sliced pickle chips soaked in buttermilk, lightly breaded, flash fried crispy and served with chipotle ranch for some real dippin fun.

8.95 Fried Cheese Squares

Aged white cheddar with our special country coating, served warm and gooey with our double secret chipotle ranch.

8.95 Onion Rings

Sweet onions hand cut, soaked in buttermilk, lightly breaded, flash fried and dusted in our famous rub.

9.95 Chicken Tenders

Country fried boneless chicken tenders, tossed in your choice of sauce, or have it on the side for some real dippin fun.

10.95 Smoked Chicken Nachos

Fresh fried corn chips dusted with secret spice smothered with white cheddar sauce and shredded cheeses, topped with house smoked chicken and finished with black bean corn salsa, fresh jalapenos, pico, guacamole and sour cream.

9.95 Quesadillas

Fresh flour tortillas, layered with cheese, smoked chicken, pico, guacamole and sour cream.

11.95 Waffle Fry Nachos

Just like our Original Nachos, but we substitute waffle fries, smothered with white cheddar sauce and shredded cheeses, topped with house smoked chicken and finished with black bean corn salsa, fresh jalapenos, pico, guacamole and sour cream.

10.95 Jethro’s Rib Taster (4 bones)

Jethro smokes them all day; then he pours on sweet bourbon glaze and serves 'em over a bed of fries.

Amazing House Smoked Meats and BBQ Sandwiches
House Smoked Meats

pulled pork, chicken, smoked sausage, pit ham (carved or shaved), turkey (carved or shaved), pork belly (+ $1), brisket (+ $1) (sliced or chopped)

15.95 Bi-Wingual Platter

Bubba's boneless wings and 5 wings.

$11.95 - $24.95 Dinners for 1

Full slab 24.95 1/2 slab 17.95 1 meat (1/2 lb) 11.95 2 meats (1/4 lb each meat =1/2 lb total) 13.95

$25.95 Dinners for 2

Choose 4 sides - Half Slab & Two Meat Dinner 25.95

$18.95 Brisket Platter

Slow smoked sliced brisket, chopped brisket, and smoky sweet burnt ends.

$18.95 Ribs and Wings Combo

Three baby back ribs and 5 wings.

$17.95 Ribs and Burnt Ends Combo

Three baby back ribs, and smoky sweet burnt ends.

$8.95 - Make it a melt 10.95 BBQ SANDWICHES

Pick one of your favorite house slow smoked meats with your choice of white bread or a freshly baked bun. It comes plain, but you can get saucy at your table.

11.95 Boss Hog

Pulled pork tossed in Jethro's Secret BBQ sauce with Texas bacon, crispy onion strings and pepper jack cheese on a freshly baked bun.

11.95 Boss Chicken

Pulled chicken tossed in Jethro’s Secret BBQ sauce with bacon, crispy onion strings and cheddar cheese on a freshly baked bun.

Jethro's Biggest and Angus Steak Burgers
24.95 The World Famous Adam Emmenecker

(As seen on Man Vs. Food) Take the challenge today! The Missouri Valley Conference's "Most Valuable Player of 2008" loves this sandwich. It's big... "really big"... just like all of those "really big" shots Adam sank in the Bulldog 's magical MVC Championship Season of 2008. Start with our huge pork tenderloin, add an Angus steak burger, top it with slabs of Texas brisket, apple wood bacon, fried cheese and finished with buffalo chicken tenders. Smother this mountain with melted cheddar cheese and white cheddar sauce. Serve it with your choice of side. This could hurt you!

16.95 The Jethro

This isn't for everyone... It is porktastic. It is ginormous. We start with our famous tenderloin and add Carolina style pulled pork, house smoked pit ham and a double order of thick slab bacon. Choose your side and then go for it, but remember... we warned you.

12.95 Bacon Grilled Cheese

*A fresh ground 1/2 pound Angus steak patty, with three strips of bacon and American cheese with yummy garlic parmesan Texas toast.

10.95 Papa’s

*We always start with two fresh, ground Angus steak patties, grilled to perfection. Choose your favorite cheese; we'll bring the lettuce, onion, tomato and pickle.

11.95 BBQ Burger

*A fresh ground 1/2 pound Angus steak patty, topped with pulled pork tossed in Jethro's Secret BBQ sauce, pepper jack cheese and crispy onion strings on a freshly baked bun.

12.95 Double Up

*A fresh ground 1/2 pound Angus steak patty, topped with chopped Texas brisket, sauteed mushrooms and onions, melted cheddar cheese and cheese sauce.

Sandwiches and Melts
11.95 The Big Clucker

Chicken breast coated in Jethro’s secret breading and tossed with buffalo sauce, topped with blue cheese and bacon. Served on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato and bread & butter pickles.

12.95 The Big Club

Piled high with house smoked pit ham, turkey and thick slab bacon on Texas toast with Swiss and cheddar cheeses, lettuce, tomato and mayo.

11.95 “Better Homes & Gardens” Melt

"Better Homes and Gardens" Magazine's August 2009 Issue selected this melt as their favorite BBQ dish in Des Moines. "A unique combination of Swiss and American cheeses melted on top of Carolina pulled pork and smoked turkey."

13.95 The Des Moines Melt

Triple decker of pit smoked ham, pork belly, bacon, and Jethro's secret sauce. Served on grilled Texas toast with melted gouda and American cheese.

12.95 Brisket Bacon Melt

Texas brisket, bacon, Swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms and onions on griddled rye toast with 1000 island dressing.

11.95 Texas Dip

No French spoken here! Thin sliced Texas brisket smothered with melted Swiss cheese, topped with sweet bourbon glazed onions, with a side of BBQ jus for dippin.

10.95 Crispy Chicken

Coated in Jethro's secret breading and served on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, creamy mayo and bread & butter pickle.

10.95 Roscoe’s Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Buffalo boneless wings, crisp lettuce, tomatoes and blue cheese or ranch dressing all wrapped up in a fresh flour tortilla.

9.95 Pork Tenderloin

It's as big as the plate. Pounded flat, fried crispy and served on a toasted bun with onion and pickles.

12.95 Blackened Salmon Sandwich

Jessie Bob rubs Atlantic salmon with his magical spice and blackens the 6 oz filet to perfection, dressed with lettuce, tomato, onion and tartar sauce.

Jethro's Smoked Steaks & Prime Ribs
$16.95 Atlantic Salmon

Cajun blackened. Comes with 2 sides, a corn muffin or white bread.

Single Chop 14.95-Double Chop 19.95 State Fair Pork Chop

This is the same "Pork Chop on a Stick" that you will find next to the Ye Old Mill at the Iowa State Fair. Tender, succulent, juicy center cut pork chop, grilled and basted with our BBQ glaze.

12 oz. 19.95-20 oz. 25.95 PRIME RIB (Fridays & Saturdays after 4)

Smoked to perfection and cut to your selection. You choose the temperature and Jethro promises you will be happy with his "Amazing Slow Smoked Prime Rib".

26.95 RIBEYE 16oz.

This is the tastiest, the juiciest, the most flavorful steak Jethro can fix ya. He cuts it by the pound.

23.95 NEW YORK STRIP 16oz

Jethro cuts this "man sized" steak by the pound. The texture and taste of this meat is his flavorite.

29.95 FILET 8oz.

The most tender, juicy 'n smoky steak you will ever find... cut it with your fork...

Green Stuff, Soup, and Desserts
$11.95 Sally Sue Southwestern

Crisp greens, topped with smoked chicken, cheddar and Jack cheeses, black bean corn salsa, pico, guacamole, sour cream and tossed in our double secret chipotle ranch, served in a crispy taco shell.

$11.95 Becky Sue’s Crispy BBQ Chicken

Crisp greens, tossed with tangy honey mustard dressing, topped with our country fried chicken tenders coated in our Jethro's BBQ sauce, tomatoes, onions and shredded cheese.

6.95 Side salad. 4.50 Add salmon (+ $8.95) From the Garden

Crisp greens, tossed with your choice of dressing, tomatoes, croutons and cheese.

$5.95 Jake’s Spicy BBQ Steak Chili

Large bites of aged steak and smoked beans make this chili uniquely Jethro's. Topped with cheese, sour cream and fresh jalapenos.

$5.95 Gramma’s Gumbo

Smoked chicken and sausage... this stuff is good! (No road kill in it!)

$8.95 Buster’s Big Chocolate Cake

Buster's Big Chocolate Cake

$5.95 Wilma’s Fried Apple Pie (with ice cream)

8.95 Buttermilk Pancakes

Three of Grandma's made from scratch, large buttermilk pancakes, griddled hot and piled high, served with your choice of meat.

8.95 French Toast

Thick cut bread, hand dipped in Jethro's own vanilla cinnamon batter. Grilled and served with your choice of meat. Yummy!!!

10.95 The Piglet Omelet

Pit ham, American & white cheddar cheese sauce.

9.95 Breakfast Quesadillas

Flour tortilla layered with cheese, smoked corn pico, scrambled eggs and your choice of smoked chicken, Carolina pulled pork, or hickory smoked bacon, with guacamole and sour cream.

8.95 The Earl of Egg Sandwiches

Two extra large eggs (any style) with your choice of pit ham, slab bacon or sausage patty with American cheese on Texas toast. Comes with hashbrowns.

12.95 The Cowboy Breakfast

A full half pound of our famous Texas brisket and two extra large eggs (any style), served with hashbrowns and your choice of toast.

8.95 Biscuits and Gravy Breakfast

With two extra large eggs (any style).

9.95 Papa’s Breakfast

Two extra large eggs (any style), you choose the meat & either buttermilk pancakes, or French toast.

6.95 Grandma’s Breakfast

Two extra large eggs (any style) with your favorite side of meat and your choice of toast

10.95 The Jethro Burrito

Scrambled eggs with smoked sausage, pico, guacamole and sour cream, topped with cheddar cheese sauce. Comes with hashbrowns

14.95 The Jethro Breakfast

Start with our ginormous tenderloin, top it with hashbrowns, three extra large eggs scrambled with bacon, Carolina pulled pork and pit ham, all topped with your favorite cheese and a side of toast.

10.95 Spike’s Breakfast Nachos

Best in Des Moines! Crispy waffle fries smothered with cheese sauce, topped with three extra large scrambled eggs with your choice of one of Jethro's amazing slow smoked meats, shredded cheese, finished with pico, guacamole and sour cream.

13.95 Game Day Breakfast

Our made from scratch biscuits and gravy, Texas style hashbrowns (that 's topped with chili and cheese) and three eggs (any style).

24.95 THE OINK… We Dare You!!! Omelet

SIXTEEN extra large eggs, folded with a full pound of Jethro's house smoked pit ham and a double helping of American and white cheddar cheese sauce. It may be the largest ham and cheese omelet ever!

10.95 Bulldog Omelet

Texas brisket, sauteed onions & peppers topped with aged cheddar cheese.

10.95 Denver Omelet

Pit ham, peppers and onions.

10.95 Carolina Omelet

Carolina style pulled pork, breakfast sausage and bacon.

11.95 Des Moines Hash

Our crispy hashbrowns topped with slab bacon, breakfast sausage, and pit ham. Then we smother 'em with cheddar cheese.

11.95 Jake Hash

We load Jethro's World Famous Texas brisket, pepperjack cheese, sauteed mushrooms and onions on top of our crispy hasbrowns